Our concierge philosophy


At Tabiko, we want to help every traveler experience great hospitality and make their trip memorable and magical through the help of our concierge team. Our global team of concierges are experts in travel and love new experiences. We want you to give our customers the best service they can get. Our services include giving a warm welcome, having friendly communication, delivering “wow” experiences, making restaurant, hotel, and tour reservations, and much more. We know that everyone has a different personality and way of doing things. So why not use your strengths to help other travelers have an unforgettable journey. Use your unique hospitality and experience and help Tabiko customers around the world!

Here are some best practices on how to provide great service.

1. Be friendly, use emojis, and have a casual conversation

Your job as a concierge should be to provide the customer with an excellent experience. There is no need for formal replies. Instead, we encourage you to use lots of emojis and exude your own personality into the conversation. Imagine giving advice to your friends or family. Maybe even make some new friends through chatting with our different customers!

2. Use your personal experience

You know best. While many travelers are looking for the best and most famous spots to hit, you might offer some advice on some local or secret spots you’ve discovered. As a travel expert, you can give other travellers a better experience by using your own! If you have pictures, don’t be afraid to share them and write about your experience too.

3. Be proactive and provide excellent, well-crafted responses

The first impression is everything. Remember to send a friendly “hi” message to every customer. While you might not know every answer to every question, you should do your best to answer to the best of your abilities. If you need some time to research, you can say “please wait a moment” while you search for the perfect answer! You can take your time creating meaningful responses, but make sure that the customer knows that you’re working on their questions! If something they want isn’t available, take the extra steps to provide them alternate spots to visit or book.

4. Think like the customer and deliver “Wow” experiences

We realize that there are language barriers and cultural differences while traveling to a new country. Think about your worries you have while traveling and do your best to meet every need. The chat service is offered in real time, so you can chat with some customers all day! Go above and beyond to provide service that will be unforgettable for both you and the customer.