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How I Cured My Asthma

I was told that my persistent difficulty in breathing was asthma.  Specifically, adult onset asthma.  I was told that it was incurable and that I would be on medication the rest of my life.  I was told this is serious and that if I didn't take it seriously I could easily die.

I didn't take it seriously, and I was extremely annoyed that I was having to deal with this new problem.  Then after about a year of living with this new health problem I found out that a girlfriend I had in college had passed away . . . from asthma.  Her little boy found her unconscious and they were never able to revive her.  That's when I started taking asthma pretty seriously.

I've been treated by many Western medicine doctors who all said the same thing, "It has no cure, here's your prescriptions, be sure and keep your rescue inhaler with you at all times."  I've tried many products and environmental changes.  I've tried acupuncture and other Eastern medicine treatments and techniques.  In the end I found it was very, very simple.  Give the body what it needs and it will operate normally and can repair damages by itself. 

Final solution:  drink enough water daily, add salt and take an herbal supplement called Immunity.

The purpose of this website is to spread this message and cure as much asthma as possible, worldwide.  Whether you call it a natural cure or home remedy, it's real.  I'll be adding more information as time passes.  Be sure to sign up for the newsletter by sending an email to the address below.  There will be many topics covered in detail on an ongoing basis.

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Neti Pot for Nasal Flushing

Most people don't realize that the sinus passages extend from your nose
back to your ears.  The reason your nose "runs" is that the body is trying to flush foreign material off of the tissue that is irritated.  This is also called the histamine reaction.  By flushing your nose on a daily basis you can effectively eliminate allergies, which are part of the asthma equation.

The Neti Pot is a great way to learn about and become comfortable with flushing your sinus passages, the entrance of which is your nose.

A proper saline solution can be made by adding 1/4 teaspoon of salt to 16oz of warm water.

Price:  $13.25 Plus tax, S&H


Wow!  Much has been written about the evils of salt, and yet we're finding out now that it is NOT the cause of high blood pressure AND is of vital importance in crucial bodily functions.  Simply stated, salt deprivation leads to death.  That being said, there is an appropriate amount and levels that are too much and too little.  Something NOT well understood is that refined table salt is not easy for the body to use, and that good quality SeaSalt has 10X the amounts of vital minerals needed by the body.

Take 1/4 teaspoon per day per quart of water consumed.

Price:  $14.50 Plus tax, S&H   (1 pound)

You are Not Sick, You are Thirsty!   by Dr. Batmanghelidj

As it turns out, not drinking enough water can lead to many common illnesses, including asthma.  Simply stated, many people have found that when they start drinking the correct amount of water per day, their asthma turned off.  This book will open your eyes to something wonderful, something natural and the amazing truth that you can cure yourself by being smart about what you put in your body.

Drink 1/2oz of water per pound of body weight and begin adding salt, 1/4 teaspoon per quart of water, per day.  Better quality water is better.

Example:  200lb person should drink 100oz of water per day, adding 3/4 teaspoon of UNREFINED SeaSalt, each day.

Price:  $13.75 Plus tax, S&H
Water Cure Book


Any water is better than very little or none.  Obviously, high quality water is better.  The best quality, achieved in a simple, natural AND economical way is a very solid choice.  This high quality home/office filter will pay for itself in 1-2 months.  You'll understand the biological reason why you need this after reading these two books.

This water filter exceeds the requirements for US Navy submarine applications, which is pretty gosh darn clean.

Price:  $325.00 + tax, S&H 
Nikken Water Filter
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This herbal supplement is made from 14 organic mushrooms.  In particular, the Reishi mushroom has been used for several thousand years in Chinese medicine to repair damage to the lungs and restore them to normal operating capabilities.

This supplement is formulated for boosting the body's immune system and has been scientifically proven to raise the white blood cell count by 20% and more, which is key to it's traditional use against tumors and other degenerative disorders.

It has been seen that by drinking correct levels of water and taking Immunity that asthma is simply gone in 3 days.  Wow, is right!

Price:  $35.00 Plus tax, S&H   (30 Day Supply)
Immunity supplement

Blood Never Lies  by Ted Aloisio

This book will stop you in your tracks and make you think twice about what you eat and drink.  If you have been suspecting that the government, the food industry and the medical community are not doing you any favors, this book really spells out the magnitude of the problem, but also clearly indicates what you can do about it today.

Take charge of your health, learn what you need to do and then make it happen!

You'll learn why mainstream vitamins are trash and why flour is nutritionally bankrupt.

You'll learn why carbonated drinks are corrosive to your body and why you should avoid sugar and enriched flour.

Price:  $15.25 Plus tax, S&H
Blood Never Lies

SeaSalt Grinder

We all know about pepper grinders, but they have salt grinders as well, which are required for course ground SeaSalt.

Course ground SeaSalt has had less mechanical processing and exponentially less surface area to oxidize or absorb water moisture during handling, shipping and storage prior to application to your food.

We recommend grinding your SeaSalt at the time of use, and this Bavaria Salt Mill is an excellent and economical unit.

Price:  $19.45 Plus tax, S&H
Salt Grinder