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In brief, I had asthma as a child and grew out of it, but it returned as Adult Onset Asthma when I was 35 years old.  I was told by numerous Western medicine doctors that they don't know what the cause is and that there is No Cure.  To me it was very simple:  I didn't have asthma and then I did, so something must have changed, therefore I should be able to change it back.

I began an exploratory journey that lasted several years and cost many thousands of dollars trying to solve my breathing problem.  I found a cure and learned many things in the process.  I'll say it again, I cured my asthma.

Most Important Lesson:
   If your body has the proper materials (Essential Nutrients) it can affect repairs and restore normal operational capabilities.

In some cases the body has forgotten how to make repairs, even when it has the materials available, and this can be fixed as well.  This fix is a revolutionary new modality called Neuro Modulation Technique, which I will describe in greater detail on this website.  Once again, you can heal yourself with proper amounts of water and adequate essential nutrients.

This website will be providing information on the following topics as it becomes built out:
-How to Cure Asthma
-What are the Essential Nutrients and Where to Get Them
-Organic Gardening, for necessity, convenience, economics and proper nutrition

Whether it's called Alternative Medicine, Home/Folk Remedies or Natural Cures, you can heal yourself!

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